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A powerful programme for leaders and senior professionals in technical environments who develop less experienced staff.

Developing your technical coaching skills enables you to more effectively and rapidly develop the skills, competence and confidence of your less experienced technical professionals, accelerating their development and enhancing your motivation.

How can we help you?

You have probably received plenty of development in your own technical discipline, but may not have learned how to successfully and rapidly develop the skills of junior staff.  This programme will help you learn and apply a mix of coaching and skills-transfer techniques using action learning over a period of several months.

Case Study

Our client, a multi-national energy company, needed to accelerate the development of young graduate engineers and geoscientists by increasing the technical coaching capability of their first-level technical leaders.  We tailored a programme to meet their specific needs, and participants were able to successfully learn, apply and receive feedback on the increased effectiveness of their technical coaching skills.

How do we work?

We tailor the programme to your specific business needs to support you in learning and applying new skills.

Programmes typically involve a balance of small group workshops, one-to-one observation and feedback, coaching and action learning.

Technical Coachin by Delta Partnership

What People Say

"I've learnt lots; GROW, coaching styles, STAR models have all been useful. The programme has allowed me to fill my toolbox. “

“The modular format of the programme worked well, allowing (and requiring) practice between workshops.”

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How can we help you?
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