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About Delta Partnership

Our Team

Our team brings 30 years of collaboration with our clients – partnerships based on a shared purpose, straightforward communication and a commitment to excellence.

We clarify your needs with you (and any other key stakeholders) to determine what would be most helpful to meet those needs. So our approach is completely tailored to you - taking our years of experience in business and people development alongside your deep knowledge of yourself, your colleagues and your organisation and combining them to co-create an effective intervention. 

Marion Pidgeon, Director

Marion’s a Director of Delta Partnership, having jointly established the company in 1999.

Her career started in operational HR management roles in the energy sector, leading on to her setting up her own learning & development consultancy in 1993 while in Colombia; she’s worked in consultancy ever since.  She’s consulted on and led many development projects with global multinationals.  Her commitment to individual development in all its forms, her operational strength, management experience and drive for client satisfaction show up in both her client work and her leadership role in the smooth running and growth of the Delta business.

Marion splits her consulting time between executive coaching clients across a range of industries and designing and facilitating accelerated learning programmes. She regularly facilitates and coaches on the innovative Leader’s Voice® programme which plays into her particular interest in helping leaders find their authentic voice in order to express themselves more powerfully and with impact.

“Marion’s pragmatic coaching approach helped me gradually improve confidence and also build longer-term habits to sustain this. It was a very positive experience and it has helped me deliver some challenging business improvement projects.”

Marion Pidgeon, Director, Delta Partnership

Stuart Pidgeon, Director

Stuart’s a Director of Delta Partnership and joined us in 2006.

He has over 30 years’ experience, bringing a unique combination of an engineering career combined with deep experience of leadership development, coaching and organisational change.  He held a number of leadership positions in the oil and gas industry before focusing on a consultancy career.  He has significant experience working in multi-national organisations and in cross-cultural contexts and demonstrates particular strength in working with technical organisations and leaders.


He has worked in a range of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, mining, management consultancy, oil & gas and financial services.


Stuart takes his understanding of organisations, leadership and the complex nature of human responses and interactions during change, and combines it with tools and models from his broad experience, to help a client see things from different perspectives.  He doesn’t shy away from offering feedback, challenge, ideas and suggestions for a client to consider.


“Stuart can be highly supportive yet does not shy away from providing robust challenge and feedback.  He is able to connect to senior technical leaders, relate to the changes being implemented, yet ensure that they understood and embraced the softer side of the change initiative.”

Stuart Pidgeon, Director, Delta Partnership

Jenny Letley, Office Manager

Jenny joined us in 2022 as our Office Manager. 


She’s the “go–to” person for any administration to do with the Delta business, supporting all of our internal activities, client project work and invoicing.


She joined Delta from the world of Scientific Research in the fields of vaccine development and biofuel production, where she liaised with scientists and engineers at all levels. She brought with her a detailed, practical approach to problem solving and task organisation, and she is adept at working to tight deadlines while retaining a strong customer focus.

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Maxine Burrell, Consultant

Max has worked with Delta Partnership since 2011.

She views herself as a global citizen with wide-ranging experience of the global business environment, having lived and worked overseas since childhood.  She studied Chemical and Process Engineering before starting work at Unilever and then she spent the main part of her career with BP in a variety of international roles. She came to the field of coaching from sports coaching; initially, she worked as an internal coach alongside her main work roles and finally, she transitioned to be an independent professional coach in 2003. Her experience encompasses engineering, finance, business strategy & planning, commercial development, organisational culture change and leadership development - this has given her a deep understanding of the challenges facing organisational leaders.

Max works with professionals, emerging leaders, senior-level leaders and entrepreneurs who are managing professional, organisational and/or personal change. She supports them in understanding the complexity they face as the change unfolds, to be resourceful and access meaningful choices for authentic and adaptive action.

“Max allows you to explore without limits and has the skill of being able to ask you questions that really get to the root of what you are thinking or feeling.”

“…together we explored some difficult and emotional areas and I trusted her to guide me through these to be able to learn and grow.”

Maxine Burrell, Consultant, Delta Partnership

Trevor Foux, Consultant

Trevor has worked with Delta Partnership since 2002.

He’s a talent management and organisational change specialist with in-depth experience of working with senior management and board-level executives to improve performance and achieve sustainable results.

His background is in organisational and management development, executive coaching and marketing and he has worked with blue-chip clients and multi-cultural teams in a wide range of sectors.

As an external consultant, he has extensive experience in identifying and selling into new business opportunities and building strategic business partnerships. As an internal consultant, he has successfully involved, engaged, and built a line management consensus to embrace organisational development initiatives and major change programmes.

His approach is strong, business focussed and takes into account wider organisational implications to help make sure that results are sustainable over the longer term.

“From the outset, Trevor expertly established a strong rapport between us, and this has served our relationship extremely well. Trevor demonstrates great empathy, develops themes with ease, employs an excellent sense of humour and has provided me with the opportunity to develop certain insights, which have already yielded results. My work with Trevor has in part supported my recent promotion to another business unit.”

Trevor Foux, Consultant, Delta Partnership

Richard Mindel, Consultant

Richard has worked with Delta Partnership since 2006. He’s a psychologist with over 30 years experience as a leadership and organisation development specialist having worked in the energy, engineering and government sectors before becoming a consultant.

Recognised as an empathic person by colleagues and clients, Richard delivers his work by building strong relationships with people. His clients know him as someone who believes it’s vital to understand what makes an organisation culture distinctive and then works hard to engage and challenge executives from diverse functions and backgrounds.

Richard enjoys designing and facilitating bespoke strategy development and learning interventions and forming strong coaching relationships with leaders. He develops confidence and capability by encouraging people to grow their strengths, skills and understanding of self. This enables leaders to expand the range of styles they use in their interactions with others.

“Richard combines a rigorous intellect with an amazing intuitive ability. He puts people at ease and in doing so helps groups and businesses make real progress. There are very few people as gifted as Richard at seeing the real organisation - the one based on how things actually are rather the official story. He's a joy to know and work with.”

Richard Mindel, Consultant, Delta Partnership

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