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A dual-development process that turns conventional coaching on its head by training junior/developing leaders to “shadow coach” senior leaders.

It provides simultaneous growth for everyone involved and supports a powerful internal coaching capability and culture.

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Organisations using Shadow Coaching find that it transforms relationships, culture and leadership behaviour. Leaders who start with no coaching experience come out of the programme with coaching skills that they can apply in day-to-day leadership.

The shadow coaches provide real-time upward feedback and coaching and in turn have access to learning and development experiences that cut across hierarchies and organisational borders; senior leaders gain genuinely new insights about their behavioural impact. 

What Shadowed Leaders Say

“The feedback from my Shadow Coach has been so fabulously rigorous and useful – I'm really starting to feel the benefits!”

“The clarity of observations brought by someone who’s not involved in the issues is extremely powerful.”

“It’s shown me how to more effectively engage direct reports.”

How do we work?

It’s a simple idea. Shadow Coaching pairs junior/developing leaders (the “shadow coaches”) with senior leaders whom they observe at key meetings and activities; structured feedback and coaching discussions follow.

We provide the processes, tools, training, support and the momentum to help the programme gather speed.

Shadow Coaching by Delta Partnership

What Shadow Coaches Say

“You watch people more closely, see what they do and associate what you do, whether you have that skill, what you might need to change.”

“Shadow Coaching broadening my views about different leadership styles.”

“I sharpened my coaching skills; it also provided me with some exposure to the business which is not always easy.”

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