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Coaching Skills Development

Coaching Skills Development

A practical, business-focused approach based on action learning, to develop the leadership skill of coaching.

Coaching is an inherent part of organisational work and a leader at any level with line responsibility can develop coaching-related skills in order to improve performance in the business. Effective listening, appropriate advocacy, insightful questioning, giving and receiving feedback – these are all core coaching skills which a leader can apply to great effect across a range of business processes.

Coaching is natural to the leadership role - the challenge is that coaching is not always natural to the person in the role. 

How can we help you?


You’ll learn and apply a range of coaching and leadership skills in your work during this programme.

The business impact of your development in these skill areas will be measured through progress made on delivering your own business challenges during the action-learning phase of the programme.

Case Study

A global energy client identified that, in order to meet strategic goals, they needed to develop a range of coaching-related skills across their leader population. They recognised that such skill development could have a significant impact on business delivery as well as a range of business processes, including change and transition management, performance management and employee development.

We designed and delivered a 5-month coaching skills development programme that involved a series of practical workshops and a small group learning set process. The programme was rooted in measurable business delivery for each leader, using the skills they were developing. We have adapted the programme for this client for different groups of staff and have since run it for finance functional experts, HR staff and further groups of leaders.

How do we work?

We think that any capability is best learned on the job, doing the work.

Learning while delivering results through action learning maximises the investment in learning, maintaining and improving productivity while learning takes place.  This brings dual value to the investment in learning; firstly the addition of new skills and secondly the delivery of even better results while the learning is taking place. 

We will tailor the detailed design of the programme to the specific culture, business needs and leadership capabilities of your leaders to help you achieve the greatest possible impact in your organisation.


What People Say

"Delta Partnership delivered an extremely effective and impactful coaching programme for my team. It was incredibly well received by the participants who utilise their new coaching skills with much enthusiasm and confidence. Thank you for making the learning straightforward, engaging and practical.”

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