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Personal & Group Transition Coaching

Personal And Group Transition Coaching

Transition coaching can enable change by helping you understand, engage with and work through a range of personal responses you and your teams might be experiencing to the change.

When change happens we experience a range of personal responses that collectively are referred to as ‘transition’, and can often result in lack of motivation, perceived resistance or disempowerment.

It’s often individuals’ struggle with their own personal transitions that inhibit the success of the planned business change. This could be in response to change imposed upon them or even change of their own choosing.

How can we help you?

If you or your team are struggling with resistance or fear about changes occurring or planned, we’ll help you to move “on to the front foot” and start to look at the possibilities and opportunities that could be opened up as a result of the changes.  We’ll work with you either on a one-to-one basis, as part of an intact team or through running open programmes within your organisation to work through your transition challenges.

Case Study

As part of a major M&A project in a global pharmaceuticals company we designed and facilitated a series of workshops in Europe and the US addressing personal transitions, using the TransforMap™ graphic tool.  We successfully prepared more than 160 business leaders, HR Managers and other change agents to understand and proactively work through their own responses to organisational change, as well as helping their staff to do the same.   

How do we work?

We can support your transitions with individual or group work and we can also develop your own staff to facilitate transition work.

We’re licensed to use the powerful Executive Arts suite of transition tools, including:

  • TransforMap® for working through a personal transition

  • EmpowerMap® for clarifying your longer-term work and life aspirations and working to achieve them

  • Implemento® for helping you make the right decision for you based on analysing a range of possible outcomes at key decision points in your career or life.


What People Say

“Thanks again for a great session. It landed incredibly well and we will be discussing how we can keep the momentum on this journey going.”

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How can we help you?
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