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Supporting leaders in planning and implementing effective changes which focus on the people aspects.

You’ll probably have heard, or even experienced yourself, that many change efforts fail to achieve all of the desired outcomes envisaged when the change was first initiated.

This is often because organisations, and leaders, do not put enough focus on the importance of building engagement and commitment to the changes at all levels within the organisation. 

By understanding and addressing the people-engagement challenges associated with change, you’ll have a much greater chance of achieving the desired outcomes from a planned (or unplanned) change.

How can we help you?

We’ll work with you to establish a clear and engaging goal or vision for the change, build engagement with your staff at the earliest possible stage, and maintain commitment and energy as you progress to realise the benefits of the change.

Case Study

After a major industrial accident led to significant changes to the regulatory environment in the oil and gas industry, our client needed to implement a large number of organisational and process changes.  This involved hundreds of staff in many countries over several years and the implementation of a large number of recommended changes.  We worked closely with our client’s change team to design and facilitate an approach to engage leaders, through participative workshops, in owning and leading the changes.  In turn, these leaders were able to engage their staff locally in implementing the desired changes successfully and with minimal disruption to the effective delivery of the organisation.  

How do we work?

We’ll work with you to clarify what change you are aiming to implement, consult with staff (if it’s appropriate to do so) to understand how the changes may be perceived and help you develop an effective engagement strategy to work in conjunction with your change plans. 

We’ll help you understand the importance of employee engagement in change (and the potential risk of non-engagement), and offer guidance and coaching into effective ways of building acceptance, support and commitment to the change programme. 

We’ll help design and, where needed, help to facilitate engagement events in support of your change strategy.


What People Say

“Stuart worked with the Implementation Team and the Functional Leadership to co-create a highly successful approach to building-wide engagement in the required changes, and wide leadership capability for locally leading the changes required. The approach taken was highly participative, engaging, and built real ownership amongst leaders for the staged adoption of the recommendations over a period of several years. This initiative also engaged other functions impacted by the changes early in the process, bringing them on board as co-leaders of the change.”

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How can we help you?
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