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Leadership Team Development & Facilitation

Leadership Team Development & Facilitation

Improve the performance of leadership teams and the effectiveness of their key business meetings.

Some leadership teams operate quite effectively as a team but can benefit from effective facilitation of key meetings to allow all members to participate fully and to the best of their ability.

Other leadership teams operate less effectively, perhaps demonstrating less helpful behaviours like lack of collective leadership, poor decision-making, unbalanced contributions between members, lack of strategic direction and unclear alignment or team processes to business objectives. 

By working in partnership with senior leaders we can help identify what’s working well and address anything blocking high-performance team-working through appropriate facilitation, feedback and coaching.

How can we help you?


You may have a clear idea of what your leadership team needs to be more effective, or you may simply have a feeling that things are not working quite as well as they could. 

We’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of what’s working well and possible areas to work on and help you prioritise where to focus your attention. 

Through appropriate use of feedback, facilitation, coaching and guidance we’ll support you and your leadership team members to become more effective in leading your organisation to deliver business results.

Case Study

We have significant experience in a range of leadership team situations, including new team formation, strategic off-site meetings, joint-venture partnerships, leading organisational change, new leader succession and leadership/staff engagement.  One recent example involved working with the Managing Director of a European subsidiary of a multi-national organisation facing significant change.

Through individual enquiry interviews with the MD and members of the Leadership Team, a clear view of the challenges and opportunities facing the team was developed.  This led to the design and facilitation of an initial 2-day off-site Leadership Team workshop, building a high degree of trust and openness amongst participants.  Successful delivery and positive outcomes for the business led to on-going support to the MD and Leadership Team members over a number of years.

How do we work?

Often leaders approach us with a pre-defined challenge within their team, and then as we work with them we find there may be other underlying challenges which need to be addressed to unlock real leadership team potential.

So a key aspect of the way we work is to collaborate with you to understand what is really happening in your leadership team, often through confidential interviews with key stakeholders.

As underlying leadership or team issues are identified, we work with you and your team to develop appropriate actions, interventions, business processes or whatever else is needed to enhance your individual and collective performance.


What People Say

“Initially the team was composed of a mixture of players; both new and old team players with a very different technical and business background. The level of leadership experience was also very mixed. Hence it was very useful to have an independent third party to “shake out” both concerns and opportunities seen by the individual players with an aspiration to develop a common strategy with tactical objectives with a clear aim to bring the business forward. Our Delta consultant facilitated this “shaking out” and also the design of a structure and framework for both the ultimate selection of topics and how these where brought to a conclusion with appropriate actions identified.”

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