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Technical Leadership Mastery

Technical Leadership Mastery

Applying different leadership approaches to real world technical leadership challenges specific to the leader’s functional discipline.

Within organisations the transition to leadership roles from technical disciplines can be challenging and, in our experience, is often poorly supported.

This tailored, modular programme supports leaders to differentiate between the technical, management and leadership aspects of their role in their organisation, and to learn and apply a range of leadership skills as appropriate.

We encourage those leaders to build awareness of their own leadership style and to give themselves more choice about how to act in particular situations – rather than simply defaulting to a perhaps unconscious behavioural preference.

Technical Leadership Mastery programmes are tailored to the leadership and business needs of a group of leaders within an organisation, or within a specific technical discipline within larger organisations. 

Programmes typically utilize two or three modules run over a number of months, with coaching and action learning support between modules.

How can we help you?

As a leader in a technical discipline or function, you probably have deep knowledge and experience of one or more areas of expertise.

You may have progressed into a “leadership” role, but at best have attended a generic management training course.  This has left you struggling to be as effective in your new role as you were as a technical expert. 

You will learn and apply skills to your own discipline-specific leadership challenges, receive feedback from programme facilitators, and learn a lot about the impact (both positive and less so!) of your current approach to leadership. 

Through a wide variety of exercises, applied action learning and feedback you will learn how to adapt your approach as a leader to the specific context, stakeholders and priorities of any given situation.

Case Study

We worked for the global head of an engineering function in a FTSE100 organisation to design and facilitate a modular “Technical Leadership Mastery” programme for a large number of international leaders.  By focusing on the specific learning needs of leaders in the function (as clarified through a broad enquiry with a range of stakeholders) we were able to tailor an approach that delivered maximum impact in the business.  This programme has evolved as the needs of the function have changed, keeping it fresh and relevant to each group of participants.  To date, it has been delivered to more than 300 leaders.

How do we work?

We work with clients to understand their organisation’s leadership development challenges, and to design a bespoke programme that finds a balance between the technical and business needs of a leader’s role, their own needs as a leader and the flexibility to adapt their style to suit a particular situation.

These are typically two or three module programmes run over a number of months, with coaching and action learning support between modules.


What People Say

“This was a chance to take a good hard look at myself both as a person and as a leader and start to change the bits that did not look good…. and everyone has those!”

“It has been a powerful learning experience for me – I feel that we have developed a very trusting supportive and strong peer group and it has been enormous fun!”

“I consider this programme one of the best development opportunities I have had in my career."

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