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Accelerated Leadership Development

Accelerated Leadership Development

Accelerate your leadership development pipeline to retain talent and improve performance.

Accelerating the development of your staff is most effective when the approach is designed to suit your specific needs. 

We have significant experience in tailoring leadership development to a broad range of organisations, countries and cultures.

With our experience as leadership development faculty for several blue-chip international organisations, we’re ideally placed to assess and understand your leadership development challenges and provide design expertise, programme facilitation and coaching in support of your leadership needs.

Our accelerated leadership development work has encompassed

  • Emerging leaders

  • Multinational staff

  • Development and integration in cross-cultural situations

  • Leaders within one technical discipline, addressing cross-discipline challenges

How can we help you?

Your challenges around accelerating leadership development will likely be very specific to your organisation, so why wouldn’t you want a leadership development solution designed and run specifically for you?

By developing a tailored solution your leaders learn together and apply their learning to their business-specific leadership challenges quicker and more effectively.  They increase their direct business impact as well as experience enhanced motivation, and in the process, they build a collaborative and supportive cohort of leadership peers.

Case Study

We partnered with functional learning experts to develop and co-deliver an Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) for Operations Geologists in a multi-national energy company.  We integrated behavioural development, observational feedback and coaching into a series of team-based technical activities involving not just geologists but some of their peers in other functions, and were able to bring to life real examples of the challenges of cross-functional team-working.  The integration of technical learning with behavioural development and “on-the-job” coaching delivered sustainable and repeatable learning for groups over a number of years.

How do we work?

First of all, we work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business and leadership development challenges and organisational culture.  Then in collaboration with you, we design and deliver a tailored solution, whether this is a formal leadership programme, a specific leadership team intervention or 1:1 coaching of leaders. 


What People Say

"Working with the Delta Coaches has helped these younger professionals become better leaders earlier in their careers and the relationship we have had with Delta Partnership has been a valuable and essential part of the ADP for Operations Geology."

 “Many participants commented that the Delta Coaches gave them insights into their teamwork style that was immediately beneficial. “

"Several participants have moved into first-level leader roles where once again they comment that the Delta coaching was of huge benefit to them reaching their position."  

Our Other Services

How can we help you?
Get in touch today to talk to us about development. 

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