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Delta Partnership is all about development - of individuals, of teams and of organisations. 

Our experience shows us that regardless of their starting place, everyone has the potential to develop - to be themselves and at the same time to expand their capabilities in their roles and beyond. And we think that this development not only can but also must occur in the context of individual and business performance.

Our expertise is focused in Leadership Development, Coaching and Leading Change as well as our innovative Leader's Voice® programme.  Over the last 30 years, we’ve developed a range of offers that you can learn about below.


Flexibility in response to Covid-19


To support our clients in the current challenging environment we have expanded our repertoire of virtual offers and are currently delivering the following services in a virtual environment:


Executive Coaching delivered via Zoom (or a client’s preferred system) or via phone calls


Leader’s Voice® delivered virtually as a 1-to-1 coaching intervention through Zoom using high-quality microphones and head-phones, which we supply, to provide as near to a studio-quality experience as possible


EmpowerMap® delivered virtually as a 1-to-1 coaching intervention through Zoom using imaging technology to allow client and coach to jointly work on populating an EmpowerMap graphic


TransforMap® delivered virtually as a 1-to-1 coaching intervention through Zoom to assist a client work through their responses to the various complex and challenging situations the current crisis is throwing up

Our Team

We have a great pool of talent and knowledge in our Delta network of consultants; combining extensive business and technical experience with significant development, psychological, consulting and coaching expertise.

We don’t impose a “house approach”, either on our clients or our consultants - rather we apply different approaches within a wider philosophy, choosing the most effective combination of traditional and cutting edge methodologies.

We bring 30 years of collaboration with our clients – partnerships based on a shared purpose, straightforward communication and a commitment to excellence.

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