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Leadership Development, Coaching and

Leading Change

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Delta Partnership is all about development - of individuals, of teams and of organisations. 


To support our clients over recent years we have expanded our repertoire of virtual offers and are currently delivering the following services in a virtual environment, as well as face-to-face.


Executive Coaching can be delivered via a client’s preferred system or via ‘phone calls

EmpowerMap® can be delivered virtually as a 1-to-1 coaching intervention, using imaging technology to allow client and coach to jointly work on populating an EmpowerMap graphic

TransforMap® can be delivered virtually as a 1-to-1 coaching intervention, to support a client in working through their responses to the various complex and challenging situations the current crisis is throwing up

Leader’s Voice® can be delivered virtually as a 1:1 intervention using high-quality microphones and head-phones, which we supply, to provide as near to a studio-quality experience as possible


Leader's Voice® news! 


We have availability on our 2024 open programmes at Kore Studios on these dates:

  • September 9th & 10th

Please contact for information.

Our Team

We have a great pool of talent and knowledge in our Delta network of consultants; combining extensive business and technical experience with significant development, psychological, consulting and coaching expertise.

We don’t impose a “house approach”, either on our clients or our consultants - rather we apply different approaches within a wider philosophy, choosing the most effective combination of traditional and cutting edge methodologies.

We bring 30 years of collaboration with our clients – partnerships based on a shared purpose, straightforward communication and a commitment to excellence.

Our Recent Clients

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