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A picture is worth a thousand words in career (and life) decisions

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The old adage a picture is worth a thousand words translates well into the executive coaching and career coaching world.

Using EmpowerMap® in coaching discussions with clients provides a powerful visual means of mapping out a client’s past track record, describing various aspects of their current situation and taking account of their future aspirations in life as well as work. Using this holistic approach enables the coach and client to stand back and take in the “big picture”, notice trends and be curious about possibilities.

Creating this “map” with a client enables them to visually notice possible courses of action in the context of their future aspirations, identify options to explore different courses of action and enable real choice in their decision making. The creation of this picture invites further exploration and iteration, encourages appropriate conversations with stakeholders and sets the client up.

Recently we have been using EmpowerMap® with senior leaders in a major international client to help them map out their wider career and life aspirations, enabling them to identify meaningful career possibilities to discuss in executive placement discussions. In this way the organisation is able to ensure a “round peg in a round hole”, optimising retention and avoiding valued staff leaving because they have been placed in a role or location, or at a time, which creates a serious clash with their aspirations.

EmpowerMap® is one of a suite of visual change tools we use from Executive Arts.

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